Mesazon (μεσάζων) – the highest dignitary of the Byzantine Empire in the last centuries of its existence, performing functions that are characteristic of the prime in the modern world. The position appeared no later than the 10th century. Mesazon signed imperial decrees, accompanied the emperor on travels and embassies, was the chief adviser to the monarch and, according to the memoirs of the emperor John VI Cantacuzin, an intermediary between him and his subjects, which the needed „day and night."The level of relations with the emperor and powers varied depending on the time and personalities of the particular emperor and mesason. Many of the dignitaries were accused of treason, sent into exile or disappeared from the historical arena.The name first became official in the middle of the 11th century, when it was assigned to Constantine Likhud, the future Patriarch of Constantinople Constantin III. The office of mesazon existed in the Nicene Empire. In addition, the office existed in Byzantine Epirus, Morea and Trebizond. In the latter case, she acquired the epithet „Megas" (great).List of mesazones 1050-1453Constantine III Likhud (1150)Theodore Stipiyotis (1143-1180)John KamatirMichael HagioteodoritesTheodore MavrozomDemetrius Komnin TornikesTheodore MuzalonNikifor HumnTheodore MetohitAlexey Apokavk KydonisGeorge GudelisDemetorius ChrysolarGeorge Duka (1430-1439)Demetrius Palaeologus Cantacuzin (1434 / 1435-1448)George Duka Philanthropen (1438-1439)Luca Notaras (1434-1453)


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