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Yew (Kishkorei-Viztarolo; Hung. Tisza-tó, Hungarian. Kiskörei-víztározó) is the largest reservoir in Hungary. Formed on the Tisza River. It is also often referred to as a lake.The reservoir is located on the Alföld plain of the city of Eger on the border of the three counties Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen, Gaidu-Bihar and Yas-Nagykun-Szolnok. The Tisza reservoir is part of the Hortobagy National Park, in 1999 included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.The reservoir is 27 km long and has an area of ​​127 km². The average depth is 1.3 m, the maximum is 17 m. The reservoir has many islands with a total area of ​​43 km². The reservoir is divided into 3 main parts.StoryThe reservoir was created as part of the flood control program on the Tisza River. The construction of a dam and a hydroelectric power station on the Tisza near the village of Kishköre began in 1968 and was in 1973. The reservoir began to fill up in 1973, and the maximum water level was reached in the 1990s. After the formation of the reservoir, it became a new resting place for the Hungarians, as opposed to Balaton, which was always filled to capacity with tourists. As a result, the reservoir was given a modern name and tourism was declared a priority area for development. There are several resorts with thermal springs along the shores of the lake: Abadsalok, Kartsag, Kishkore and others. Hotels, swimming pools, camping sites and beaches have been built.NatureThe lake has a peculiar local flora and fauna, which gradually formed from the beginning of the filling of the reservoir with the waters of the Tisza River. There are about 50 species of fish. On April 27, 2012, an eco-center was opened on the banks of the Tisza, intended for tourists who want to learn about the of the Tisza River valley and reservoir.Gallery


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