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Hoists are with additional attachments for handling heavy loads. They are used in factories and in construction, and are often used to equip overhead cranes. Electric hoists are a complex mechanism that must be used in compliance with safety requirements. Therefore, the personnel who will work with them must undergo training.
Installation recommendationsIn the passport of electric hoists, it is indicated for what voltage in the network they are designed. Models can operate on a 220 or 380 V. In the technical documentation of the product, you can also find information about the profile of the beam. Before installing the hoist, it is important to check the serviceability of all connections, and also to clean the track from dust, rust, dirt and moisture.Features of working with telphersAfter the installation of new equipment, it is necessary to conduct training for . They must learn the operating instructions and safety rules, and then undergo certification. To keep the electric hoists in good working order, an employee is appointed to carry out the maintenance of the lifting equipment.
Opening the passport of the device, you can find the restrictions regarding the air temperature and the time of continuous operation of the engine. The is not allowed to be used at higher or lower temperatures. Time limits are necessary to prevent overheating of the engine. You can find out the technical characteristics and get a free manager’s consultation here.Safety measures for the operation of electric hoistsThe absence of industrial accidents is an indicator of properly organized production processes. equipment is a serious hazard, therefore it is very important to observe the following precautions:before the first launch, carry out a ten-minute check using a load that is a quarter more than the maximum lifting capacity of the hoist;carry out regular inspection of the rope to detect damage;there should be no people in the lifting area;the load must not be left hanging;the operator should not press several buttons at the same time;use of faulty equipment is not allowed.
You can purchase any electric hoist by following the link: If during operation the operator noticed a malfunction, it is necessary to repair the electric hoist. Only after that you can return to work.


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