A2DP (English Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) – advanced audio transmission profile; designed to a two-channel (stereo) audio stream (for example, music) over a Bluetooth radio channel to any receiving device (to a wireless headset or any other device).There are usually two types of devices:Transmitter (A2DP-SRC, Advanced Audio Distribution Source)Receiver (A2DP-SNK, Advanced Audio Distribution Sink)The transmitter can be, for example, a cell phone or PDA, from which stereo sound is transmitted to Bluetooth stereo headphones; a further application of this technology is to wirelessly transfer MP3 files from a cell phone to a stereo or car radio.
Very often the A2DP profile comes with AVRCP support for remote control of the transmitter.The Bluetooth bandwidth is not sufficient to transmit uncompressed two-channel audio of acceptable quality. The A2DP profile uses various codecs that compress the digital stream to the bandwidth of the Bluetooth channel. The standard defines at least one low-compressed codec – SBC (Subband Coding); additional (MP3, AAC, etc.) – optional (when a connection, the transmitter and receiver agree on the codec to be used, as well as the encoding parameters (bit rate, sampling frequency, etc.). It should be noted that the quality of the transmitted SBC audio is worse than standard MP3 compression.Supported OSAndroid: Support since version 1.5.BlackBerry: A2DP support in OS 4.2.iPhone and iPod touch: All iOS versions support HFP and PBAP. IOS 3.0 adds support for A2DP, and PAN for iPhone 3G / 3GS and iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd generation. In the original iPhone 2G, the has support for A2DP, but Apple did not use this feature in the OS. However, owners of jailbroken iPhones can enable this feature through a special program.Linux: Initial A2DP support has been included in BlueZ since version 3.15.Mac OS X: Support from version 10.5 for macs with bluetooth chips. Mac OS X 10.4 does not support A2DP, but limited support can be obtained through third party software.Motorola P2K: Motorola L9 on P2K platform supports A2DP profile.Palm OS: A2DP is not supported, but can be activated using third-party software.Palm webOS: A2DP is supported on Palm Pre.Sailfish OS: Supported.Symbian S60: Devices with S60 3rd Edition FP1 system (S60v3.1 / Symbian 9.1) and above support A2DPUIQ: UIQ 3.0 (Symbian 9.1) and above support A2DP.Windows Mobile (formerly Pocket PC): Version 4.0 and newer is supported via the Widcomm stack. Version 5.0 and newer (with AKU 2.0), others based on the Windows CE 5.0 kernel, fully support A2DP if a device is present.Windows XP: Doesn’t have native A2DP support, but newer Bluetooth devices and built-in adapters usually include A2DP support.Windows Vista: Does not support A2DP by default, but third-party software can add this support even without completely replacing the stack.Windows 7: A2DP was supported in preview versions of Windows 7. Windows 7 Release Candidate and final releases do not support the Bluetooth audio class driver. A2DP support is implemented with a third party bluetooth stack.


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