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Mulching plantings has become a standard procedure for a long time. Film has become the leader among mulching materials today, since it reliably from weeds, temperature extremes and cold. Mulching films offered on the website improve the composition of the soil. The material is black. The holes in the plastic tape can be provided by the manufacturer or created by the summer residents themselves. The air, fertilizers and water necessary for life will get to the plants through them. Mulching favors plant growth, the film protects against heat loss in cold weather, accelerates the warming of the earth. The beds are usually covered with foil in autumn and spring. It is used in the cultivation of strawberries, strawberries, vegetables.In the zone, the microclimate is improving, moisture cannot quickly evaporate from the soil if mulching is done. There are two options for such a covering material: agrofiber and waterproof plastic films. The first material is moisture permeable and .Films can be different. The thickness of the mulching material should be from thirty microns. Thinner options can be used, but they will most likely be enough for only one season. Thirty to sixty microns is the optimal thickness for long term use.Films are also classified by color. They can be of different colors. Black film is usually chosen for temperate climates. It retains heat well and prevents weeds from growing. Light surfaces and black substrates are film options for hotter climates. Bright colors of films are used if pests need to be ward off from the site, as they disorient them.In the middle lane, are usually grown using mulching film. It protects well from gray rot of the plant. In addition, the film prevents the development and growth of weeds, helps to maintain a constant soil temperature, and accelerates its up. The depth of the grooves in which the edges of the film are fixed is at least ten centimeters. Along the entire perimeter of the garden bed, the material must be fixed.Clear rules must be followed in order to get a good harvest. If you make mistakes and ignore the rules, the film material will not bring the desired result. You need to prepare for planting strawberries in spring. You need to dig up all the soil, remove the roots of weeds and clods of earth, apply fertilizer and compost. Next, the beds need to be watered well. The edges of the film are sprinkled on the ground after laying. Round cuts or cruciform cuts with a diameter of eight to ten centimeters are made at the right distance. Prepared seedlings are planted in these holes.


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