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/ boʊz / is a private American corporation that and manufactures audio equipment, selling its products all over the world. Founded in 1964 by Amar Bowes. The company employs more than 8 thousand people (2017).Bose is best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise canceling headphones, professional audio systems[прояснить] and car sound systems.The company has also conducted research in the areas of automotive suspensions and heavy-duty trucks, as well as cold fusion.Bose has a reputation as a jealous advocate for its patents, trademarks and brands.StoryThe company was founded in 1964 in Framingham, Massachusetts by Amar Bowes. Eight years earlier, Bose, a graduate student at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), acquired a music center and was disappointed with the sound quality. This prompted him to investigate the influence of sound reverberation on the perception of its quality.In 2011, most of the non-voting shares of the corporation were transferred by to his alma mater and former employer, MIT. He receives cash dividends, but is not allowed to sell shares and participate in the management of the company.Performance indicatorsBose generated $ 3.8 billion in revenue, according to 2017 Annual Report.


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