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4 total storage tanks with 3.8 м3 each, with the boards being increased to 5 m3

Pan mixer 1800 1200 liters, coated with 12 mm layer of special steel.
Automatically opens the damper supply for precast concrete.
5 mixing arms.

The special arrangement of the arms in the pan mixer means that all parts of the mixer can be covered during the batch, which means that a high-quality concrete is achieved.

Mobile concrete plant with comfortable cabin and automatic control of the system. The modern Siemens computer system enables the production of 100 recipes and types of concrete. You can print any mix of finished batches in kilograms and percentages to prevent cement or aggregate theft while making a concrete mix.
Advantages of the SUMAB K-60 mobile concrete plant
• Concrete production is already possible within 3 hours after delivery of a system to the work area!
• Mobile concrete plants can easily be moved from one object to another.
• You do not need a foundation or agreements to install a concrete plant!
• The mobile concrete plant can be installed on any flat surface with minimal dimensions of 15 to 20 meters.
• Siemens computer enables one person to control the system.

Mobile concrete plant suits you if:
• You are working with a government project.
• The work is carried out over a long distance and it is necessary to change the location of the plant.
• You take part in tenders in various regions.
• Increased demands on the environment.
• You have a temporary location for the system or a temporary project.
• You feel very comfortable in your region. Projects elsewhere are planned.
• You need a quick repayment.


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