Near (until 1945 – Near Baibuga; ukr. Blizhny, Crimean cat. Bay Buğa, Bai Buga) is a village in the of Crimea. It is included in the urban district of Feodosia of the Republic of Crimea (according to the administrative-territorial division of Ukraine – the Feodosia City of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, as part of the Nasypnovsky Village Council).PopulationPopulation dynamicsThe 2001 All-Ukrainian Census showed the following distribution by native speakersState of the artFor 2018, there are over 50 streets and lanes in the Middle; in 2009, according to the village council, the village occupied an area of ​​199 hectares on which, in 1,017 yards, 2,746 people lived. The village has a secondary school No. 15, a library, a post office of Russia, a medical assistant-obstetric station, the Church of St. Agapit of the Caves, and the Baibuga Jamisi mosque. The nearest one is connected with Feodosia by city buses.GeographyThe nearest one is located in the valley of the Baibuga River, about 5 (along the highway) to the west of the center of Feodosia (the nearest railway station is also there), on the highway Simferopol – Feodosia, the height of the village center above sea level is 21 m.Transportation is carried out along the regional highway 35K -003 Simferopol – Feodosia (according to the Ukrainian classification – P-23).StoryFor the first time as Bai-Bug Meadow, mentioned in the materials of the population census of the Kefinsky Sanjak of the empire in 1542. As a village, it is found on the maps of 1836, as khutor Baibuga without specifying the number of households and 1842, on which the farm is designated by the conventional sign „small village", that is, less than 5 households.After the zemstvo reform of the 1890s, the village was assigned to the Vladislav volost. On the three-verst the map of 1865-1876, the Baibuga farm is marked without specifying the number of yards, on layout 1889 year Lower Baibuga, or Trailer – a village of 41 courtyards with a Russian populationBy „… Commemorative book of the Tauride province for 1892" in the village of Baibuga near, which was not part of any rural society, there were 325 landless residents with no households. In 1900, by the decision of the City Council of Feodosia, an elementary school was opened in the village. By Statistical reference book of the Tauride province. Part II. sketch, issue of the fifth Feodosia district, 1915, in the village of Baibuga Blizhnaya, Vladislavskaya volost, Feodosiya uyezd, there were 81 households with a Russian population of 475 „outsiders".After the establishment of Soviet power in Crimea, by the order of the Crimean Revolutionary Committee of January 8, 1921, the volost system was abolished and the village became part of the newly created Vladislavovsky district of the Feodosia district, and in 1922 the districts were named districts. On October 11, 1923, according to the decision of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, changes were made to the administrative division of the Crimean ASSR, as a result of which the districts were liquidated and the Vladislavovsky district became an independent administrative unit. By decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of September 4, 1924 „On the abolition of some regions of the Autonomous Crimean S. S. R." The Staro-Krymsk region was abolished in October 1924, the region was transformed into Feodosia and the village was included in its structure. According to The list of settlements of the Crimean ASSR according to the All-Union census of December 17, 1926, in the village of Baibuga Blizhnaya, the center of the Blizhne-Baibugan village council of the Feodosia region, there were 202 households, of which 190 were peasants, the population was 954 people, of which 456 were Russians, 469 Ukrainians, 20 Greeks, 2 Bulgarians, 1 Armenian, 3 recorded in the column " others ", there was a Russian school of the first stage (five-year plan). Resolution of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee „On the reorganization of the network of regions of the Crimean ASSR" dated October 30, 1930 (according to other sources, on September 15, 1931, the Feodosiya region was abolished and the village was included in the Staro-Crimean region, and with the formation of the Kirovsky region in 1935 – in the new region. According to the all-Union census of 1939, 1152 lived in the village person.In 1944, after the liberation of Crimea from the Nazis, on August 12, 1944, Resolution No. GOKO-6372s was adopted „On the relocation of collective farmers to the regions of Crimea" regions, and in the early 1950s a second wave of immigrants followed. By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR dated August 21, 1945, Blizhnyaya Baibuga was renamed into the Near and Near-Baybuzhansk village council – into the Blizhnyaya. On June 25, 1946, the village was part of the Crimean region of the RSFSR, and on April 26, 1954, the Crimean region was transferred from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR. The time of inclusion in the Feodosia City Council and the abolition of the village council has not yet been established: as of June 15, 1960, the village is already part of Nasypnovsky. By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR „On the consolidation of rural areas of the Crimean region", dated December 30, 1962, the Kirov region was abolished and the village was annexed to the Alushta region. On January 1, 1965, by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR „On Amendments to the Administrative Zoning of the Ukrainian SSR – in the Crimean Region", they were included in the Feodosia City Council as part of the Nasypnovsky Village Council. In 1968 a new school building was built. Since February 12, 1991, a village in the restored Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, on February 26, 1992, renamed the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Since March 21, 2014 – a part of the Republic of Crimea of ​​Russia, since June 5, 2014 – in the Feodosia City District.


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