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When carrying out construction or repair work, you need to choose from many different ways of connecting individual . Glued and mechanical anchors, rivets and rivet nuts are at your disposal. But that’s not all. For the connection, stainless self-tapping screws are most often used, which are presented in the catalog – BEST-Fastener company. Such an element of a shank with a cylindrical or tapered thread and a head with a slot for screwing in. What is typical for him? What is the main advantage? The name itself testifies to this. There is no need to pre-drill holes in the mating surfaces. Thanks to a special tip, the fasteners will create it themselves during installation.The thread of the self-tapping screw is shaped so that the tapped hole is suitable for a metric ISO screw (coarse thread) with an h6 tolerance. The shape and location of the deformed female thread portion is strictly defined for a particular application.Advantages of stainless self-tapping screws:the same contact surface on the side of the thread;the best ratio of screw torque / twisting;the best ratio of tightening torque to pretensioning.What are self-tapping screws used for?One of the biggest advantages of self-tapping screws is the really wide variety of materials and surfaces they can be used with. These types of screws are mainly used for joining thick and hard elements. They are especially often used for metal and wood, and even when connecting various elements with concrete surfaces, they perform their function flawlessly.Self-tapping screws strengthen the structures in which they are used. We are talking primarily about steel, as they require extremely strong protection. Self-drilling screws are also often chosen for aesthetic reasons. They are fairly neutral visually, so they are not visible and do not disfigure the structures in which they are used.Self-tapping screws, especially those with a flat head, are often used when assembling rectangular and round and mechanisms. This solution greatly simplifies maintenance, repair, inspection and cleaning of the structure in the future, since self-tapping screws allow you to easily and quickly disassemble and assemble the elements.Types of self-tapping screwsFasteners are available in two versions according to the material of manufacture:stainless steel;carbon steel.Their surface is galvanized to prevent rust. They vary in length, but are most commonly used between nine and twenty-five millimeters.


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