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This article provides a list of famous people who died in 1112. See also: Category: Deceased in 1112MarchMarch 15 – Litold – Prince of Znoyemsky (1092-1097) (1101-1112)AprilApril 21 – Bertrand of Toulouse – Count of Toulouse, Marquis of Provence, Duke of Narbonne (1105-1112), Count of Tripoli (1108-1112)April 25 – Godry – of England (1002-1007), Bishop of Lana (1107-1112). Killed by the townspeople during the uprising.MayMay 5 – Samson – the first bishop of Worcester after the Norman conquest of England (1096-1112)May 13 – Ulric II – Margrave of Carniola (1098-1107), of Istria (1098-1112)May 25 – Davyd Igorevich – Prince of Tmutarakansky (1081-1083), (1085-1086, 1086-1099, 1099-1100), the first Dorogobuzh prince (1084-1086, 1100-1112)OctoberOctober 5 – Sigebert of Gembloux is a medieval monk from the Benedictine abbey in Gembloux. Author of a worldwide chronicle covering the period from 381 to 1111.October 12 – Vasil Goh – Armenian prince of the Kesuan principality (Efrates) (1080/1082 – 1112)NovemberNovember 1 – Henry of Burgundy – first earl of Portugal (second Portuguese county) (1093-1112), founder of the Burgundian dynasty, participant of the first crusadeNovember 3 – Anna Vsevolodovna (Yanka) – princess, daughter of the Grand Duke of Kiev Vsevolod Yaroslavich, the first abbess of Yanchin (Andreevsky) monastery, who created the first school for girls in Europe at the monastery. Numbered among the monks. The year of death is possibly 1213.DecemberDecember 15 – Gottschalk (Bishop of Minden) – Bishop of Minden (1079-1112)Tancred of Tarentum – an active participant in the first crusade, the first prince of Galilee and Tiberias (1099-1101, 1109-1112), regent of (1100-1103, 1104-1112)Date unknown or needs to be clarifiedVukan – Grand Duke of the Serbian state of Raska (1091-1112), the founder of the dynasty.George II – king of Georgia (1072-1089)Gibbelen of Arles – Archbishop of Arles (1080-1112), Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem (1107-1112)Zbigniew – Prince of Poland (1102-1107)Robert – Cardinal Priest of the Church of St. Eusebius (1088-1012)Su Jae – Chinese poetEgilmar I – 1st Earl of Oldenbuurg (1088-1112); ancestor in the direct male line of Russian emperors (Peter III and subsequent), kings of Denmark, Sweden and Norway


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