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New Zenkovina (Belor. Novaya Zenkavina) – a village, on November 30, 2007 included in the urban settlement of Korma, before that in the council of the Kormiansky district of the Gomel region of Belarus.GeographyLocationNear the eastern outskirts of Korma, 56 km from the Rogachev railway station (on the Mogilev – Zhlobin line), 11 km from Gomel.HydrographyOn the Kormyanka river (a tributary of the Sozh river), in the east there are reclamation canals.Transport networkTransport links along the roads that depart from Korma. The layout consists of a rectilinear latitudinal street, to the center of which a short street approaches at right angles and 2 short streets join parallel to the part of the street. In the east, behind the reclamation canal, there is a small isolated street oriented from the south-east to the north-west. The building is two-sided, mainly of a wooden estate type.StoryAccording to written sources, it has been known since the beginning of the 19th century as a village in the Kormyanskaya volost of the Rogachevsky district of the Mogilev province. According to the 1897 census, a grain store was operating. In 1909, 461 acres of land, a mill. After liberation, heading to the Don in November 1917 of the city of Bykhov, .G. Kornilov, A.I.Denikin, A.S. Lukomsky, S.L. Markov with the Tekinsky regiment) spent the night in the village, and in the morning tried to cross river Sozh, but they were attacked by the Kormyansky partisan detachment. In 1930, 2 were organized, 2 horse croupiers, horse and steam mills, and a smithy worked. In 1966 the village of Krasny Bor was added to the village. Center of the collective farm „Victory". There is a club, a kindergarten.PopulationNumber of2004 – 126 households, 349 inhabitants.Dynamics1816 – 20 households.1881 – 25 households, 188 inhabitants.1897 – 39 households, 287 inhabitants (according to the census).1909 – 43 yards, 349 inhabitants.1959 – 342 inhabitants (according to the census).2004 – 126 households, 349 inhabitants.


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