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With any change in the configuration of the area of ​​ u200b u200bthe premises or their reorganization, it is required to develop a redevelopment project for . Design documentation includes information on the location of engineering systems, placement of partitions, structural elements and plumbing equipment.Why is the approval procedure needed?Redevelopment is the work in buildings and premises, which consists in changing the configuration of the object and requiring these changes to be reflected in the data sheet.If you do not complete the approval of the redevelopment project of non-residential premises, the owner can expect problems with selling or renting the property. Exactly, penalties of up to 50 thousand grew. rubles, if the non-residential premises are located in a residential building and does not have an agreed redevelopment project.Non-residential is the object, the purpose of which is not related to the residence of the residents. Commercial outlets, industrial production and various business facilities are located in non-residential buildings and premises. The placement of non-residential premises in high-rise buildings has some restrictions and prohibitions for certain types of activities. For example, various production equipment cannot be installed in them.Before proceeding with the repair, the first step is to order a redevelopment project for non-residential premises, which is coordinated with various government departments and organizations.It is recommended to entrust the development of the project to trusted companies with experience in this area and holding an SRO certificate. One of these companies engaged in the creation of a redevelopment project for non-residential premises are the specialists of Mosproektkospleks.When a redevelopment project may be requiredCoordination is done if the following is carried out:dismantling of partitions;repair of engineering systems;arrangement of flights of stairs;reconstruction of balconies;work with supporting structures;renovation of the floor covering;changing the location of sanitary facilities;consolidation of premises;replacement of window and .The cost of a redevelopment project for a non-residential premises is relatively low, therefore, it can be issued in Moscow easily, simply and affordably.The for redevelopment of non-residential premises is provided for by the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation. During the reconstruction, you can combine different works. Coordination is carried out on the basis of a single project, which will include all changes in each room.


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