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Beaumont-Adams (eng. Beaumont-Adams), – modified by Frederic Beaumont primer (after alteration – central ignition) revolver of the Adams system.Was in service with the British army from 1855 until the replacement in 1880 with the Anfield revolver. Also produced in Belgium and the USA under license.Description of the structureA feature of the design, recorded in a British patent received on February 20, 1856 (and on June 3 of the same year in an American patent, number 15.032), was the use of a double-acting firing mechanism.The octagonal barrel is separated from the frame, it is connected to it with a cylindrical pin and a tide. The extractor is attached to the left side of the barrel. On the left is a spring-loaded safety stopper. The handle with two cheeks is equipped with a silver butt bridge.In the late 1860s, when many primer revolvers were being converted to unitary cartridges, the Beaumont-Adams system, now equipped with .450 Adams centerfire cartridges, the same fate.Applications outside BritainThe presence of the double action trigger, combined with the greater stopping power of the .442 caliber bullet, gave the Beaumont-Adams design some advantage over its main competitor, the revolver. The opening of the same (together with George and John Dynamo) by the company Deane, Adams & Deane factories in Birmingham and Liege, as well as the adoption of the system by the army in 1856, forced Samuel Colt to close the London branch due to falling sales.In the United States, Massachusetts Arms was licensed to produce approximately 19,000 .36 caliber revolvers, of which approximately 1,750 were purchased by the Northerners at the start of the Civil War. The same company also produced a revolver in 32 caliber.


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