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IV von Hachberg-Sausenberg (1427, Rötteln Castle – April 12, 1487, Rötteln Castle) – Margrave of Hachberg-Sauzenberg since 1441 and Count of Neuchâtel since 1447.BiographyIn 1441, Rudolph’s father abdicated in favor of Rudolph and his brother Hugo. Since they were both minors at the time, their uncle, Count Johannes of Freiburg-Neuchâtel, became their regent.On September 8, 1444, Count Johann handed over the Badenweiler area, including Badenweiler Castle, to his nephews Rudolf IV and Hugo. The districts of Badenweiler, Rötteln and Hachberg-Sausenberg form an almost complete region of Markgräflerland, north of Basel and south of Freiburg. in 1444.Count Johann and his wife Maria Shalonskaya had six children, but they all died in childhood. Having no direct heirs, in 1447 the count handed over Neuchâtel, including the castle, to Rudolph. After Johann’s death (February 19, 1458), Rudolph inherited possessions in the Free County of Burgundy.Rudolf IV expanded the castles of Badenweiler and Rötteln. To the latter, he added the lower gate in the outer courtyard of the castle. Between 1479 and 1482, he rebuilt the burned down town church in Schopfheim. He also restored the monastery church in Weitenau and the churches of Rötteln and Egringen.In 1451 and 1452, Rudolph accompanied Frederick III on a trip to Rome for his coronation. In 1454, Duke Philip the Good visited him at Rötteln Castle. In 1458 he was appointed counselor and chamberlain at the court of the Duke of Burgundy. He was a significant figure and was known as the Marquis de Rötteln.In 1467, Duke Charles the Bold appointed him governor of Luxembourg. In 1468, he mediated a dispute between Duke Sigismund of Austria-Tyrol and the Swiss Union.Rudolph knew that his position as a vassal of the German Empire, on the one hand, and his connection with Burgundy, on the other, could lead him to a dangerous situation. In order to preserve the Baden possessions in the family, he negotiated with the Margrave Karl of Baden and his son Albrecht. Shortly before the death of Rudolph, the grandson of Charles I (and son of I) Philip I lived for some time at the court of Rudolph. The negotiations were not completed during Rudolph’s lifetime, but Rudolph’s son Philip resumed negotiations with Christophe I, and they reached an agreement in 1490.FamilyRudolph was married to Margaret Vienne. They had two children: son Philip and daughter Katerina.


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