With hard metal accompanied by strong rotation and continuous deepening, most of the oxide layer can be removed.
Metal cleaning tube brush, selected wire as a material, commonly made of copper-plated wire, wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire.
Mainly used for the internal cleaning of metal pipes. Usually used with power tools.
Currently, the minimum diameter of a metal cleaning tube brush is 5mm
By changing the diameter of the wire, adjust the hardness, to achieve different conditions of dirt cleaning.
For rust and oxidation layers in the inner walls of metal pipes, they can be used in conjunction with the dilution.
In the military sphere, it is often used as a tool to clean up the ballistics of firearms.
In addition to cleaning purposes, it can also be used as a part of sewage equipment filtration. Concentrated metal bristles can be placed in filtered wiring to block dirt.
For manual use, the metal cleaning tube brush can be fitted with a plastic handle to prevent damage to the hands when used manually.
Tube Brush factory

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